December, 2016  Child Custody – A Hidden Gem

I was referred to Attorney Jaworski by an individual in the financial services industry that knew of his reputation for and success with child custody matters.

If you are now seeking a divorce attorney, you certainly understand the anxiety of the process, especially in the initial stages.  While I was separated and in the process of moving forward with the divorce, I learned, on radio and television reports, that my daughter’s mother’s boyfriend was arrested for child molestation.  It is impossible to explain how gut-wrenching it was to listen to that news.

From my initial call with Rudy, I knew that he would help me.  Simply put, he has a very calm demeanor that is a blessing for clients … both in and out of the courtroom.

In my business, I interact with attorneys for many facets of our business and have seen many differing styles and approaches in the arena.  I can attest that Rudy is a “Hidden Gem” … he believes in the commitment to the interests of his clients.

Rudy provided well-reasoned and calm guidance and did not get hung up in the minutia.  In my case, he focused on two critical points—the safety of my daughter and the value of my business; and the overall result was a success, because of his experience and understanding of how to organize the approach while also adapting to extraordinary attacks from the opposing side.  (It is important that I share that I had over 30 bench hearing for motions mostly launched by the other side, as well as 6 trial days … so, I now consider myself an expert at the divorce process.)

It is refreshing and inspiring to be given advice that is not only just legal but also practical and well-informed.  As Counsel, Rudy was exceptional.

Rudy was also very responsive and attentive to my needs.  What impresses me the most, however, is how well-respected Attorney Jaworski is in the Courthouse.  The Judges greatly appreciate his ethics and sense of morality, which—frankly—translates into having the upper-hand in Court.  I highly recommend Rudy’s services.

Robb, CEO

May, 2017  Top notch professional
I found Rudy through a recommendation from a friend who is a lawyer in a neighboring state. Rudy helped me so much through a detailed and difficult divorce. Rudy is completely knowledgeable about all aspects of the divorce process. I would recommend Rudy 100% for anyone dealing with a divorce or marital issue.


May, 2017  Care and fair

On top of things, high integrity, caring, right to the point, and deserves every single dime I spent. I highly recommend him.


May, 2017  Divorce
I had many revisits to court to finalize with a messy divorce, and thanks to attorney Jaworski, we are finally done and do not have to come back.
I strongly recommend Rudy Jaworski if you need a divorce attorney.


May, 2017  Insightful, prudent and compassionate

Rudy has been my divorce lawyer since 2008. Rudy earned his respect and trusted by the local courts with the result that he does have to not engage in lengthy court sessions.


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